Commercial Property Development

MacLeod Group currently operates several commercial rental properties in the downtown Antigonish area. With over 30 years of experience in the commercial rental business, MacLeod Group has become one of the most qualified, trusted and successful operators in the community.


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Current Leasing Opportunities:

No Vacancies At This Time

Our Commercial Properties:

Kirk Place

The Kirk Place property is located in the center of downtown Antigonish at the intersection of Church and Main St. this 3 story commercial office building provides a classic appeal, great location and all the modern facilities one could hope for.

Antigonish Medical Centre

This property serves the downtown core of Antigonish. Located on Main St. this facility is home to a pharmacy and multiple doctors offices.

A & W Restaurant Antigonish

This property is located just seconds off highway 104. A&W on James Street serves the tastiest burger in Antigonish. Opened in 2007.

Antigonish Career Resource Centre

This property is conveniently located on James Street in Antigonish. The best career advice available in Antigonish from a team of dedicated professionals.